Being a gay, brunch loving, under-employed 20-something living in an inner-city Melbourne suburb so Green that neither the Libs nor Labor bothered having pamphleteers at the election booths this year, I would be the last person most would expect to have a conservative blog. So naive! From anecdotal (and therefore indisputable) evidence, the gay conservative movement in Australia is growing, and will continue to do as the Left persists in its hijacking of the gay movement to push an unrelated agenda and punish those who do not conform to its ideological purity.

Being gay has traditionally been about freedom. And the more that comes under attack, the more gay people will see that it is the conservatives defending that freedom. Not for marriage, a recent issue, but from the encroaching political correct culture. But for now, gay conservatives remain the most secretive and despised members of the gay community. More so if cis and white. That’s, like, being triple Hitler! There are resources for American gay conservatives, but a quick google search reveals that, at time of publishing, this is only one of two results for “Australian gay conservative”. It’s an isolating experience (I daren’t express my views on Waleed Aly too loudly in my neighbourhood!) so feel free to email me for a friendly chat. The aim of this blog is inspire a new generation of gay people to take back their community from the left wing loonies and be the leaders of the new wave of conservatism and populism sweeping the world! But if it makes one less person feel less alone then that’s ok too. Or if it gets me laid. Conservative men fuck like beasts.


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