LGBT inclusive disaster plans


The Australian reports today that the Andrews government is funding research into LGBTI inclusive natural disaster plans, such as for floods and bushfires. How is this a thing?

Do we not know whether to move towards or away from rapidly encroaching fire?

Do we refuse to let go of our Lady Gaga albums even as water rises over our heads?

Doth our anuses weigh down so heavily with seed that we lose all natural buoyancy?

This is where the left’s identity politics actually becomes dangerous. They have been pushing so hard to make minorities distrust authorities that now even those who rush into burning buildings to save people are apparent objects of fear.But here’s the thing: you can spend your whole life rearranging your pronouns and oppressed identities du jour, but when you are trapped in a burning building you won’t care. And guess what, neither will the emergency workers. I know many emergency workers, and they try to save every life they can, no matter who it is. Murderers, child abusers, gays. They know that it is not up to them to decide whether a life is worth saving.

Asking for gender neutral bathrooms in evacuation centres will do nothing but breed resentment for gay people. In disasters people should be coming together, not demanding special treatment. Besides, everything is gender neutral when 3000 people are shitting together in a ditch on the smouldering outskirts of what used to be their town. And, again, no one cares. The lady who just watched Mothra carry away her children doesn’t care what days you identity as Shism and where you wipe your prism.

So, when nuclear war inevitably breaks out next year (due to Obama realising he has a week left to leave some kind of legacy), reject LGBTI ‘inclusive’ disaster plans. Follow government instructions. Or join me in my bunker. I have Ayn Rand, Prosecco and an almost certainly illegal amount of shirtless photos of Mike Baird.

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