Unsafe Schools for LBGT students


So much more needs to be done to protect Australian LGBT students, especially in the age where kids are, according to the media, cutting themselves en masse just because the pretty girl on 13 Reasons Why is doing it. But vulnerable teenagers are on their own as the Left continues its in-fighting.

A group of Australian celebrities has signed a letter calling for the the Safe Schools program, intended to protect LGBT students from bullying, to be replaced by a less politicised, more-likely to be implemented anti-bullying program. The author of the letter, Ben Grubb, has been forced to apologise by the radical Left, in part because of his use of the word ‘tolerance’. The sentence that is getting particular attention:

“we do not seek a program that seeks approval of the way certain members of our society live. We seek only mutual respect and tolerance.”

Tolerance?? How dare you!! They will accept nothing less than full acceptance, worship, and grovelling at the feet of gender destruction. Only the Left would reject a program designed to protect LGBT students because it had too much input from allies, as they have done.

The Safe Schools program, as it was originally designed, is not the way to protect gay teens, and not just because in its present form it is unlikely to be taught in the states that need it most.

How can we trust an anti-bullying program written by Roz Ward, a protester-harassing, Australian flag-hating, self-described Marxist member of the Socialist Alternative? These kind of people are determined to teach the politics of intersectionality.

Intersectionality – the concept that describes the ways in which oppressed groups in society are linked, e.g. sexism is also racist, racism is also transphobic – is the hot trend of the left. While they would argue that it is necessary to stand up for all groups in society (except of course for white men) the fact is that intersectionality is used as an ideological purity test. Stand for all or stand for nothing they say, ignoring the fact that many of these groups are diametrically opposed, such as gays an Islam (especially when there is a tall building involved).

How long before Safe Schools gets intertwined with every other progressive cause, socially engineering a whole generation into thinking capitalism is sexist, or detaining refugees is homophobic? Already teachers in Victoria are wearing pro-refugee T-shirts without punishment (probably at schools in the inner-city areas where the Greens-voting parents rent second houses so that their children are registered in school catchment areas away from the public schools where refugee children actually go).

And where does the queer theory madness end? Children used to be taught the simple concepts: Heterosexual. Homosexual. Bisexual. Transgender. Once conservative people railed against these terms being used in schools, now its the left protesting because the terms are not inclusive enough because they don’t explore the so-called gender spectrum. Apparently not having a lesson plan on your specific identity erases your existence. Just witness the push by Buzzfeed and Slate to destroy the word ‘Lesbian’ because not every woman is a woman or some nonsense; I don’t know exactly what they were on about, to me Buzzfeed just sounds like wretched death screams of Beelzebub.

All these groups on the left are trying to make themselves the biggest victims, ignoring those who need help the most: teenagers coming to terms with their identities. We need to go back to the basics:

Teach teenagers not to bully, how to put a condom on a banana, give them a robotic baby for a week and send them off into the world with a bit of self-esteem.

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