Betting on ‘No’ to win the marriage equality survey


I may not be your ‘typical’ Australian, but there’s two Australian activities that I know well: Gambling and opposing those who proclaim moral superiority over others. That’s why I’m betting on the No case for same-sex marriage to win the postal vote. Literally betting. Today on Sportsbet I placed $20 on a win for the No vote at odds of 3.00 for a $60 payout.


I may not understand how office footy tipping works, and I choose my Melbourne Cup horse based on the funniest name, but I know politics. I got a sweet little earner on Brexit, and made 2 week’s worth of rent by betting on Trump. Now I’m hoping that the Yes case wins, but have no moral qualms claiming my win and spending it frivolously if it doesn’t.

A month ago I would have bet the other way, but the crazy left, cocooned in its inner-city graphic design studios and campus safe spaces, and  has completely misread the Australian national character and seems intent on alienating as many people as possible. We hate being told what to do and we hate people who think they are better than everyone else. But, as the left is wont to do, every time the Yes campaign gets called out for inappropriate behaviour it doubles down on its self-indulgent moral posturing:

Celebrities and business leaders, poppies that Australians are all-to-ready to cut down anyway, have jumped on the Yes campaign, missing the signals from the US (eg. the declining ESPN and Emmys viewerships) that people are sick of the elites telling them how to think. Australians have been hurting for years with stagnant pay and sky-rocketing living costs. The last thing they want is a lecture in ‘fairness’ from vocal Yes-campaigner Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO, a man whose pay in a year has risen from $12.9 million to $25 million while he slashes his own staff, freezes pay for the rest, and increases ticket prices while reducing service on the national airline.

Churches are being vandalised and religious gatherings are being blocked and disrupted. At a Coalition for Marriage event protesters chanted ‘Crucify Christians’ and unfurled a banner saying ‘Burn churches not queers.’ Not only are they threatening violence, they are equating voting ‘No’, a democratic right, with burning people. I have been disgusted to hear my peers say that voting ‘No’ should be classed as a hate crime.

We have hateful shrews like Genevieve Callaghan getting paid by the tax-payer funded national broadcaster to demand that straight couples put off their weddings until gay couples can marry too (Don’t invite me to your straight wedding until we all have the right to marry). The left says that ‘Love wins’, but apparently love can only happen on their dictated terms.
Protip: Keep being a joyless harpy that uses your friends celebrations to make political points and you won’t be invited to any more weddings ever. Problem solved.

The last straw has been the equality campaign’s door-knocking drive and their mass unsolicited text message yesterday. Australians truly do regard their house as their castle, and we take seriously people violating its boundaries. The number of telemarketers my dad has made cry is testament to that. Inserting yourself into another Australian’s house, either physically or electronically, and especially to push your agenda, is a sure fire way to turn an apathetic ‘Yes’ into an angry ‘No’.

I do not blame those who are questioning the intentions of these door-knockers. Are they really just there to have a friendly chat and remind people to post their votes? Or are they gathering information about the ‘No’ voters in their community for future retribution? People who have expressed support for the ‘No’ case have been harassed, threatened, fired and publically shamed. Make an Australian feel threatened in their own home and you have lost your cause.

The results of the survey will be known on the 15th of November. I’ve already chosen the $60 gingham shirt I’m going to buy on the 16th.


      1. I’ve seen some pretty awful things come from the no campaign too. Like the religious couple who came door knocking to tell me about disaster of the homosexuals

      2. I think the problem both sides have is thinking they can do what they want because they assume most people agree with them.

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