Love is Blind Items 2


My last blind item blog post was quite the hit. I guess people really like hearing about the hypocrisy of progressives activists! So here’s another exposé of liberal Australian hypocrisy:

  • The feminist writer who refuses to take shit from any man … except the one that beats and strangles her until she’s unconscious. Plenty of people have helped her leave him, but she’s gone back so many times most have given up. It’s a terrible situation, but she’s a complete bitch, soo…
  • The genderqueer campus activist with a history of sexual misconduct against new students I mentioned in the previous Blind Items post has apparently been giving out cunnilingus “lessons” of the Harvey Weinstein variety.
  • Speaking of Harvey Weinstein, I can understand why some women went through with the ‘casting couch’ process. However, sleeping with someone to get fame and fortune is one thing, doing it to get canvas space in a dirty inner-city artist’s commune is another. Like Weinstein, the leader of the commune says all the right progressive things and provides the money (as a trust-fund hippy) so the rest of them let him get away with his behaviour.
  • I really hate to confirm the words of that African Preacher that “gays eat da poo poo” but … yeah. I won’t go into any further detail because gross. Except to say that there is a reason he’s always on the news waving his sign with a shit-eating grin (sorry).
  • The corporate ‘diversity guru’ who’s quest to harangue every company board into represting every possible race doesn’t extend to his bedroom activities which is extremely monocultural. A culture that could possibly be described as small, hairless, brown, and arrived in this country in a shipping container.

Fun bonus round! These are just a few things I saw Australian celebrities do while I was working functions in various hotels. Celebrities don’t see waiters, but waiters see everything.

  • A female TV presenter who couldn’t be bothered going all the way to the toilet to do a wee so she squatted next to her chair in the ballroom. This is actually not uncommon; the weird part is that she didn’t take her knickers off, she just let it soak through. As if keeping your vag covered is keeping your dignity in this situation?
  • Australian celebrities love cocaine. Most people know this already. What I mean is they fucking LOVE cocaine. No pingas here; it’s all about the snow. Powerful women will flirt with gross C-list reality show men like complete twits to get some.
  • It is a law of physics that when more than five footy players are in one location and nothing stops the inertia flow of alcohol they will eventually pull their dicks out and start swinging them around. Not that I’m complaining of course.

The one thing I can put a name to: Social Services Minister Christian Porter is just stunning in real life. Like a model. Top quality bloke too.


I offered him wine but he took my heart.

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