Australia Votes Yes to Marriage Equality


Australia has given a big YES to marriage equality! Just like the protracted debate affected me mentally more than I thought it would, the massive response for Yes has excited me more than I thought possible and touched me deeply. I haven’t stopped smiling since the announcement. I’m going keep this feeling going and avoid politics today. Instead, here’s a list of some the standout moments from announcement day:

  • Best moment: Head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics David Kalisch’s unrestrained joy while giving the results because people were finally paying attention to him. Though it was pretty sad at the end when he tried to promote tomorrow’s announcement of the quarterly labour participation rates.
  • Worst moment: Malcolm Turnbull’s speech after the results where he said he was looking forward to the free vote because it would bring out the “best” in parliament. This process has brought out the “best” in no one. What in the past few weeks of parliament makes him think they are prepared to give the “best” of anything?
  • Most Ha ha moment: Safe Liberal seats voting Yes and safe Labor seats voting No.
  • Most unsurprising moment: Gay porn being ‘liked’ by Christopher Pynes twitter account. When most of his photos are of him posing with strapping young navy lads in tight uniforms, is gay porn far behind? This gives me another chapter in ‘Pyne and a Half Weeks’, the fan fiction I’m writing about his sexual awakening.
  • Most unsurprising moment runner-up: The gay guy in my office calling in sick today.
  • Least inspiring moment: Bill Shorten’s yelled ‘You are Loved’ speech. It sounded like he was shouting the chook raffle results in a noisy RSL.
  • Biggest reckoning to come: Labor managing their progressive platform with their ethnic constituents who voted No.
  • Biggest moment of relief: The pretty sweet handy I got behind the Trades Hall party.

It was a crazy day, but now it’s time to get the law passed and get this done!

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