Gay Bashings in Perth: Update

I am pleased to give an update on my April post about a series of gay bashings of men in Perth. In January a group of youths used Grindr to lure five gay men to parks at night and brutally bash them. Now finally justice is being served. Two of the attackers have pleaded guilty in WA’s District Court and will be sentenced next month. The other two have been charged, trials pending. The case has received a bit more media coverage now that it’s at trial stage and the specific details of the crimes can be read at the West Australian newspaper here.

In April I had complained specifically about the gay media ignoring the issue. OUTinPerth, Western Australia’s gay newspaper, has today published its first article on the events here. I find it odd that on Facebook they state they are going to ask the Police Minister and Police Commissioner why no warning was issued to the community during the attacks. There was a notice from the police; I saw it on Facebook. OUTinPerth didn’t even address the issue when it was being reported in the mainstream news months ago. Maybe there was a lot of traffic light parties and drama between the queens running the Aids Council that desperately needed to be reported first.

And remember people: Even in this post-yes vote world scary things can happen. Stay safe.

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