Marriage Equality in Western Sydney


The marriage equality vote in Australia has for the first time exposed to the Left the failure of intersectional activism on a massive scale. It turns out Queers and conservative Muslims don’t share the same values. Who saw that coming! While the Yes vote passed easily in the old-money conservative-voting electorates, 12 of the 17 seats that voted No were in the poorer immigrant-heavy suburbs of Western Sydney. The electorate with the highest No vote was Blaxland at 73.9 percent No. At first the Left was confused by this. After all, aren’t muslims and gay people fighting the same power structure? How could they do this after all the protesting in support of asylum seekers! But now they have settled on the usual narrative: Blame the white people anyway! This is predictable as it is, as I will explain later, genuinely terrifying.

It has always been my position that voting No for marriage equality does not make someone a bad person or a bigot. The majority of the left took the exact opposite view, which was so simple for them during the marriage equality debate when the most vocal opposition was Christians, their natural enemy. Hate mail, vandalism of churches, riots, doxxing and harassment was so easy for them when they were targeting white Christians. Now that it has been revealed that the biggest opposition came from the ethnic minorities, they are doing all they can to dismiss the ‘bigotry’ argument and shoulder the blame themselves. The mental gymnastics have been astounding. The most common excuses from leftists as to why the migrants voted No have been:

  • White people didn’t talk to them enough.
  • When white people did talk to them it was ‘from a place of whiteness’
  • Migrants had been too traumatised by previous experiences with white people to engage with them.
  • The Yes campaign did not produce resources in languages other than English.

Here are the worst quotes I have found excusing the Western Sydney vote. Firstly from the SBS:

But Dr Allen also cautions against assumptions Western Sydney voters don’t support marriage equality, saying it could also be because responses to surveys are usually to maintain the status quo.

“Just because someone has voted no doesn’t mean they don’t support marriage equality,” she said.

“This is quite a socially significant survey; Australians don’t have an experience with surveys that have immediate impact that have a known policy effect.”

Come on Dr Allen, let’s not patronise these people. It’s a one question survey with a Yes or No response. And there were months to decide which box to tick. It wasn’t hard.

And from the StarObserver, from a piece titled ‘It’s time the LGBTI gave Western Sydney and Immigrant Australia a Fair Go’

However, whilst 73.9 per cent of Blaxland voted No, the electorate also facilitates some of the most powerful progressive voices about issues of race, gender, and identity I have encountered across all of Sydney.

Anecdotes are nice, but a survey with a 73.9 percent result makes for a bit more of a statement. This survey was a much larger sample of the suburb than the progressive bubble slam poetry sessions the author attends in Western Sydney. I’m not making up facetious stereotypes, the author actually uses slam poetry sessions as an example.

And from the same article:

These communities are not bigoted. Immigrant communities are not bigoted.

We need to understand and connect with these communities, not write them off. Ultimately, when we attack these communities, we are stigmatising complex experiences around culture, identity, and trauma.

Now that its minorities being scrutinised they want to connect with people with differing views? Where were these calls for unity when churches and their worshippers being physically attacked? The only response I can give is “Oh, just fuck off”. I’m pleased to say that in a rare moment of awareness from the lefty gay community most of the comments on the article generally say the same thing.

So why is this so terrifying? Because this was the last chance for the Left to realise that Western culture is not the devil they wish it to be. This was an issue they cared so deeply about, poured so much effort into and endured a world of hell for. And despite all this, they still can’t admit that it was won because of Western values and they still have to blame Western society for the parts that failed, even when that failure belongs to migrants. This was the issue that could have opened their eyes to the lunacy of open borders and made them reconsider their constant attacks on Western institutions and history. They certainly could have at least had a serious conversation about who they consider their ‘allies’ But they failed on all fronts, barely wavering from the “white people bad” line. They continue to protest out the front of Flinders Street Station every week to let in every refugee that drifts into our waters and continue to defend people like that awful turban lady and her statements about how Islam is feminist and Sharia is beautiful. I truly despair. Intersectional politics is an incurable disease being spread rapidly among young gay urban men. Protect yourself.


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  1. A very well-written and clarifying article. I’m not gay, but I found that I agreed with a great deal that you have said. One point you made here really caught my attention, and that is the fact the the ‘left’ seems to believe that the ‘gay rights’ movement and the Muslims are fighting the same battle socially and politically. It’s true here in the States as well. In fact I didn’t realize that it was such a problem in other nations as well until very recently.

    I have been constantly astounded that the left has been so totally blind to the fact that the Muslim religion is absolutely and vehemently against all homosexuality and gay rights of any kind whatsoever. Their religious foundations and teachings are full of anti-gay stands, and their history of killing homosexuals — for no reason other than the fact that they were homosexuals — is there for all to see — if they will only look. Yet the groups most concerned with gay rights in the States are the same groups that strongly encourage Muslim infusion into our society — so much that, in places, they are now being allowed to practice their own Sharia law instead of U.S. law.

    Why is it that these people cannot see that where there is Muslim majority, there is death to — not only ‘gay rights’– but death to gays period? The quotes you shared are astounding. Evidently the delusion persists and is self-perpetuating —– and it is — as you say — scary.

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