Pride in Detention

With the marriage equality debate settled, it is time for the Left to return to their favourite hobby: refugees! Gay advocates have joined together in Melbourne to form No Pride in Detention, a group that believes that gay people should fight against the offshore detention of illegally arriving migrants at Manus Island. They believe that because both gay people and migrants face discrimination and violence, it is the responsibility of gay people to defend migrants, or, as they put it more incoherently, “it’s important that the LGBTI community realises that refugee rights are our rights as well”. Leaving aside the question about how these majority-Muslim migrants feel about the gays (my guess: not reciprocally), since when did it become the responsibility of the LGBT community to defend every jerk with a forged passport and a sob story? No Pride in Detention is going to have a float in this year’s Melbourne Pride March and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, what with the African refugee crime gangs rampaging their way through Melbourne. I wonder if that little intersectional issue will be addressed? I hate the name No Pride in Detention. When I look at how Australia has handled illegal boat arrivals compared to Europe I very much feel pride in detention.

I am proud that we have a conservative government that stands strong on border control.

I am proud that when migrants died trying to reach Australia by boat the solution was to stop the boats rather than encourage more.

I am proud that Australia has a government that listens to the silent majority on refugee policy rather than the noisy minority that screams, harasses and blocks the tram lines every Friday.

I am proud that Australia didn’t let a photo of one dead baby, drowned in his father’s quest to live off unemployment benefits, decide foreign policy.

I am proud that Australia locks up illegal arrivals so that they can be processed for suitability in Australia rather than letting all and sundry roam unaccompanied through the local community without checks of their criminal record.

I am proud that Australia is cracking down on migrant crime gangs rather than cracking down on people talking about them.

I am proud that Australia doesn’t need ‘women-only zones’ at public events to prevent mass gang rape.

I am proud that Australia protects its LGBT community by keeping out those who are violently opposed to them.

I am proud that Australia does not have a policy of diversity for the sake of diversity and that most white Australians are not so ashamed of their skin colour or country’s history that they are determined to decolonise their country through the mass importation of any brown people they can find.

I am proud that, for the most part, Australians are a tolerant, open people who will welcome anyone regardless of their skin colour, but will not put up with migrants who bring with them backwards culture and who are determined to make Australia into a copy of the shit hole they left.

That’s my pride. I wonder if I’ll be allowed in the parade?

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