Gay Media is Dying. Good.

Gay media is disappearing, according to the gay media. Well, at least according to the type of gay media that uses its space to write long-winded dreary pieces about the state of gay media in which journalists are the bastions of all truth and light.

Gay Star News is shutting down. Gay publisher Evo Media has been liquidated, taking with it outlets Samesame, Melbourne Community Voice, SX, Blaze and Queensland Pride. OUTinPerth is barely hanging on. The Star Observer is in voluntary administration. The most frequent reason given for these closures is “the changing media landscape”. Gay Star News has bizarrely decided to blame Brexit. They will blame anything but their own dull content and constant attacks on their own readers.

The SJW mob has taken over. Where once gay media was fun, cheeky and sexy, it is now boring, self-righteous and scolding. Reading gay magazines once meant hating yourself for not having a ripped body like the models. Now it means being told to hate yourself for the ways in which you do not match up to the mob’s intersectional ideals. The stories of circuit parties and cruising have been replaced with maudlin tomes about refugees and climate change and why you should be personally shamed over these issues. Gay media before represented a narrow, stereotyped view of gay life, but at least while reading it you weren’t being attacked by anything but your own low self-esteem.

If you are not queer enough, leftist enough, angry enough then you do not have a place in gay media today. They have decided what the correct opinions are and will censor anyone who disagrees with them. If you do agree with them, then congratulations, you can write either the 1000th article on why not sleeping with someone of a different race is racist or the 1000th article on why not sleeping with a trans person is transphobic. I am shutout of the mainstream gay media, but I have this little blog (which has surprisingly brisk traffic), to present the opinions that would never be found in the gay press. Here’s a few:

  • Gus Kenworthy isn’t that hot.
  • Israel Folau did nothing wrong. And is hotter than Gus Kenworthy.
  • The guys from the new Queer Eye are worse gay representation than their 2003 predecessors.
  • ScoMo is the best Prime Minister this country has had for the past 13 years.

There is one section of the gay media still going strong: superficial trash. DNA Magazine has changed little since 2000 and is holding its print circulation steady and is increasing its online readership. Good old DNA Magazine knows what gay men want to see: trashy celebrities, unobtainable bodies and huge uncircumcised cocks stuffed into wet white clingy briefs. This is how to revive gay media. It would be hypocritical if I didn’t follow through with my own advice, so here’s this dude:

Wet Briefs Man


  1. Hi there auscongay,
    Greetings from a fellow gay dissident from Melbourne! I found your blog a couple of months ago and have been loving every minute of it. You honestly have made me laugh so hard, and in a different world, you should honestly have your own hilarious (and intelligent…) column in a gay newspaper.

    This post is so good, 100% truth. Most gay media, epitomised by PinkNews, has become a joyless, politically-correct mass of contradictions, that has in many ways turned against itself. It’s been infested with ideologues who call themselves ‘queer’ and make an issue out of literally fucking everything – the types who hang out in university queer lounges and again, make them joyless, Stalinist spaces. Cue transgender grievances, and the infiltration of people who’ve read Judith Butler and don’t know who the fuck they are on the gender spectrum, and they get the declining readership they deserve.

    In contrast, I too adore DNA magazine – it’s empowering, wonderfully voyeuristic, and unabashedly celebrates gay male sexuality, and is a continuation of the old gay aesthetic sensibility – hot bodies, celebrity, and jetset lifestyles. Even many straight men (who may even take up most of the centrefolds) pose as the beefcake models – the ability of DNA to document this rippling hotness and turn it into an art form is incredible.

    Your post reminds me of the perspective of my favourite professor, the cultural scholar Camille Paglia, a dissident lesbian who has documented the shifts within gay culture over the past few decades. She hung out with gay men in the 1960s, and stated that back then gay culture was aesthetically orientated, with gay men devoting themselves to high culture and art, while also being catty and sharp-tongued (“they would say things that would make you WINCE! Jokes about polio victims…” Paglia once said in a lecture). In the 1970s, gay culture went macho, and she could no longer be admitted to many gay clubs.

    However, from during the 1980s AIDS crisis, she reports that she saw a shift in that many gay men turned PC, becoming skinhead AIDS activists in the form of ACT UP, who stormed Catholic churches and blamed the Church and the government for the AIDS crisis, when really it was their own promiscuity and personal recklessness in bathhouses and cruising spots that caused that wave of death. She saw them as militants with “cavernous eyes” and combat boots who were obsessed with Foucault, which is why gay studies was such a postmodern, PC disaster. I think this PC faction of gays has no doubt had a chilling effect over the gay media, with the exception of DNA, which represents the fun and naughty gay male culture and eroticism. Chadwick Moore is a gay conservative who also reports on the distortions of the gay media in the The Spectator and talks about LGBT organisations as ‘Big Gay’, and I adore his writings, even if I don’t agree with all his politics.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but thank you so much for this blog, and there are others out there who think the same you do about PC politics, the plebiscite, Margaret Court arena and so on. I hate what the ‘LGBT movement’ has become – a Stalinist movement with a rainbow flag instead of a hammer-and-sickle, as I like to call it. Please come back!

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