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Gay Media is Dying. Good.

Gay media is disappearing, according to the gay media. Well, at least according to the type of gay media that uses its space to write long-winded dreary pieces about the state of gay media in which journalists are the bastions of all truth and light.

Gay Star News is shutting down. Gay publisher Evo Media has been liquidated, taking with it outlets Samesame, Melbourne Community Voice, SX, Blaze and Queensland Pride. OUTinPerth is barely hanging on. The Star Observer is in voluntary administration. The most frequent reason given for these closures is “the changing media landscape”. Gay Star News has bizarrely decided to blame Brexit. They will blame anything but their own dull content and constant attacks on their own readers.

The SJW mob has taken over. Where once gay media was fun, cheeky and sexy, it is now boring, self-righteous and scolding. Reading gay magazines once meant hating yourself for not having a ripped body like the models. Now it means being told to hate yourself for the ways in which you do not match up to the mob’s intersectional ideals. The stories of circuit parties and cruising have been replaced with maudlin tomes about refugees and climate change and why you should be personally shamed over these issues. Gay media before represented a narrow, stereotyped view of gay life, but at least while reading it you weren’t being attacked by anything but your own low self-esteem.

If you are not queer enough, leftist enough, angry enough then you do not have a place in gay media today. They have decided what the correct opinions are and will censor anyone who disagrees with them. If you do agree with them, then congratulations, you can write either the 1000th article on why not sleeping with someone of a different race is racist or the 1000th article on why not sleeping with a trans person is transphobic. I am shutout of the mainstream gay media, but I have this little blog (which has surprisingly brisk traffic), to present the opinions that would never be found in the gay press. Here’s a few:

There is one section of the gay media still going strong: superficial trash. DNA Magazine has changed little since 2000 and is holding its print circulation steady and is increasing its online readership. Good old DNA Magazine knows what gay men want to see: trashy celebrities, unobtainable bodies and huge uncircumcised cocks stuffed into wet white clingy briefs. This is how to revive gay media. It would be hypocritical if I didn’t follow through with my own advice, so here’s this dude:

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