I’m Joaooin du Phoerw. Like your typical gay inner-north Melbourne hipster I have a ridiculous name, live with too many housemates and spend too much money on brunch. I do everything the stereotype says I should do. Except I vote Liberal, which in Australia is the conservative party. It’s been a long, strange journey to get to where my political views are today, and the reaction from the gay community has been tepid at best. Many people think I must hate myself for being a conservative voting gay. I don’t. I’m awesome! *

I don’t understand why being gay should be incompatible with believing in:

  • A free, robust economy
  • Secure borders
  • Limited unionisation
  • Personal responsibility
  • Family values
  • Free Speech
  • Complete shutdown of the hate-driven, terrorist-supporting United Nations so that the West can reclaim its rightful place as the world’s moral leader without being held hostage by the demands of those who seek to destroy us.

Ya know, just the basics of a free society. Where you are free to be whatever you want to be, no matter what people say you should be or think based on your gender or sexuality.

I am always up for a friendly chat that veers dangerously close to alt-right sympathy and conspiracy theories about Harold Holt secretly running the country from a base inside Uluru:


*NB: In my writing I will mostly use the term conservative instead of using the party name Liberal to avoid confusion and because my support for the Liberal party is not unconditional.