$300 I stay all night, $1000 I stay for ten years.

I met Dylan when I was a shy 18 year old first hitting the gay club scene. He was only a few years older than me, but to me he was the shining promise of everything I was told the gay scene would be. Everyone knew Dylan. He moved effortlessly through the different cliques making friends with everyone from the club kids to the bears and even the sullen lesbians (being 2007, the peak of the emo craze, there were plenty of those around). He knew all the drag queens by name, real and performance, and when it was time to switch between titles. He knew which bars to hit on a Tuesday night, and which ones you would never be caught dead in before 3am. He was never on the dance floor, always on a podium or the stage in front so everyone could see him. I can count on one hand the number of people I talked to in my first year of gawking on the gay scene, so when a mutual friend introduced Dylan to me, and he took an interest in me, I thought I had finally arrived.

The chattering gays of our small city were breathless in their coverage of our brief affair. Anything Dylan did was big news.

We went on a few dates, rather innocent affairs that mostly involved him talking about himself and showing me his dance moves. Even as a naïve 18 year old I quickly realised that was interest in me was based mostly on the fact that I had not yet developed a strong personality and I would not detract attention from him. But I didn’t care. I thought he was very mature. He had his own car, he lived out of home and was finishing his university degree. Once he took me into the production studio at his university to watch a student film he had made. I took a photo of him taking notes as he studied himself on screen. I said I would use it when he was famous to remind him of where he came from.

We all said he had the ambition, the looks and the charm to go anywhere in life. How lucky we were to be involved in his life from the start!

There aren’t a lot of other photos of him; he moved to fast for that. The only photo I have of us together is from a friend’s birthday costume party. We’re dressed like 1920’s gangsters and I’m sitting sideways on his lap with my arm around him smiling at the camera while he leans around me, peering intensely at a lap top screen. Choosing all the coolest music, of course. A few hours after that photo was taken we had sex for the first time, on my friend’s bed (sorry, Alice) and I never saw him again. I didn’t mind. I was just honoured that he had chosen me to share his body with, even if it was just for a few drunken minutes on ridiculous giraffe-print sheets.

That was Dylan, they said, always flitting from one thing to the next like his feet weren’t even touching the ground. Where will he end up next!

The next time I saw his face was when someone sent me a link to his profile on a rentboy site. He was called Jarryd now. He had done a professional modeling shot and he was looking damn fine. Muscled and oiled up to the ninth degree. There was a cheeky half-shaft shot that I saved for later. I was uneasy with his choice of profession, but I was assured by the chatterers that he was just doing this while he looked for a graduate job.

Besides, he gets flown to Hong Kong, they said. In business class! To an 18-year-old stacking shelves at Innaloo Woolies this did seem exciting, and I was caught up in the whispered tales of his glamorous life.

That was ten years ago. Dylan/Jarryd is still a rentboy. But no one talks about him anymore. Whether out of safety, shame or boredom, he long ago deleted all his social media, dropped out of the gay scene and stopped answering the phone. Occasionally when I meet with old friends I hear about him getting taken for a shopping spree on some old man’s credit card or getting a ride in a Lamborghini. As a 28 year old I just find it sad. In the past ten years the rest of us have started careers, gotten fired, started new careers, fallen in and out of love and done all the things your 20s are about.

Dylan/Jarryd is still using his old photos and saying he’s 24. I can’t even pass for 24 and I’m younger than him and don’t go outside. There’s only one recent photo. It’s a tight close up of his face. He’s standing on a beach facing into the sun, and even in full light he’s tired and puffy. His eyes have lost the light that sparkled even in a dark nightclub. He still has the same 2007-era shag-emo haircut.

I think of Dylan whenever the queer community talks about sex work as some kind of noble calling. They have this idea that sex workers are helping the people of the world explore their sexuality and bring in a new age of sexual enlightenment. The sanctimonious way some of them talk you’d think they are curing cancer, not getting pissed on by Chinese executives at the Hong Kong Ibis.

Or they think it’s empowering! Because apparently everything a queer person does with their body is an empowering act of resistance these days. Using your queer body to take money from the patriarchy has to be powerful! No, a prostitute has no power. They are chosen based on looks and paid based on how much the client thinks they are worth. Technically they can decline a client, and for some risk the wrath of their madam/pimp, but don’t get to pick them in the first place.

Others have this idea that they’re such victims of society because of their sexuality/gender that sex work is all that’s available to them. Usually these are middle-class people desperate to do something to reduce their privilege score and feel some intersectional oppression; ‘whorephobia’ is the latest struggle to be lumped in with LGBT rights. These are often the same people that claim they are too ‘anxious’ to have an actual job. Too anxious to scan groceries but not too anxious to go to a stranger’s hotel room at 3 am and negotiate the price of their holes, apparently. There are people involved in sex work for survival. But these people are doing it because they have literally no other option, not because they have an asymmetrical haircut and a septum piercing.

And no, a nine-to-five job in a capitalist system is not more degrading and exploitative than prostitution, as some Marxist Melbourne gays claim. I don’t get to choose my own hours in my office job, but I also don’t have to cleanse every orifice when I get home. I don’t have to suck any dirty old man toes either, so that’s a bonus.

The sex industry is run on the exploitation of the young and impressionable, and queer people romanticising it just leads more vulnerable people into a a job that has the highest rates of violence and murder. I try not to think about what ten years of prostitution does to a person.

The dark side of me wonders if I should hire Dylan for a night to see if he recognises me, or if by this stage Dylan is gone and Jarryd has taken over completely.

Australian LGBTI Awards: The Gold Logie in Activism


Nominations are open for the 2018 Australian LGBTI Awards. Time to celebrate the bland homogenous face of Australia’s LGBTI community. How did we go from Priscilla Queen of the Desert to the pantsuited activist brigade? This is not to disparage their work, they do more for the LGBTI community than I ever will, but it represents how the gay community has become a circle jerk of leftist politics and political correctness. Which I could actually forgive if the winners weren’t so boring.

Some of this years winners:

Hero of the Year: Rowena Allen, Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality. Activist. Yawn.

Journalist of the year: Chloe Sargeant.
“Proud activist and staunch feminist”. Perhaps she won for her brave stance boycotting Coopers Beer?

Inspirational Role Model of the Year: Sharon Carroll, Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner at Australia Post.
Someone from the post office? Which is a major sponsor of the awards? Ok then.

LGBTI Celebrity of the year: Ruby Rose.
Is this really the best we could do? A person who has built an entire career out of the type of faux-lesbianism that peaked in the late 90s but is still apparently titillating to Australians. She didn’t even show up to claim the award.

Politician of the Year: Penny Wong.
I adore Penny Wong. Penny Wong in Senate Estimates investigating who broke the Prime Minister’s marble coffee table is the greatest moment in Australian politics. But lets see how many Labor and Greens members they get through before they award it to a conservative like Tim Wilson.

Community Initiative of the Year: Australian Marriage Equality.
Well that’s a surprise. I thought they might have given it to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Molly Meldrum.
I think they had to rush this one out; he isn’t going to be around for next year’s ceremony.

Brand and Organisation of the Year: SBS.
Ok, I’ll give them this one. Watching Queer as Folk on SBS at 2am with the sound off taught me everything I know about life and being a gay man. Thank you too for Eat Carpet, the compilation of student films that had so, so many lingering soft focus shots of uncut East European penises.

All from the same side of politics. Apart from Penny Wong, all the individuals who won were white. AIRBNB got an award, but no Indigenous Australians. I got a pretty neat handy while I was working at the Novotel, maybe they can get an award next year. The Australian gay community is so diverse, it’s a shame to have chosen such safe, correct winners as our representatives.

On the other hand, I don’t really blame them for favouring the activists over the more exciting controversial gay media personalities. Because we don’t really have any. For all the feather boa waving of Mardi Gras, Australia is still a conservative country. Neighbours had its first gay kiss in 2012. And remember the national shitstorm over the lesbian kiss on Home and Away? That was only frikkin’ 2009. In fairness, 2009 was a crazy time all round. We were all delirious from swine flu and the random $900 cheques that arrived in our letterboxes. Singer Peter Garrett was a minister for some reason. A black face minstrel show was deemed acceptable prime time entertainment…. but not a tender kiss between two women, apparently. It seems the only way for a media personality in Australia to be accepted as gay is to become an icon then come out once their legend status is enshrined, such as Molly Meldrum and Magda Szubanski, make it a part of their whole shtick, like Joel Creasey, or just shut the hell up about it.

Or you can be an activist. Become the issue. Get wheeled out for talking points on the news and award ceremonies so that Australia can pat itself on the back for how progressive it is. Hey, its still not as degrading as the Logies.

Sidenote: I have a long list of Australian celebrities that I believe to be closeted gays. I have another list of celebrities that are semi-confirmed as gay because a ‘friend of a friend’ has slept with them. But neither shall be revealed because I don’t want to get sued into oblivion. (Just to be a dirty tease: there’s a newsreader who dresses up teenage rent boys in his son’s school uniform and a footy player who gets on the pipe and visits bathhouses in states where he thinks he won’t be recognised.)










Alternative Names for Margaret Court Arena

There have been calls to rename Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena after its namesake made homophobic comments. If we must rename it, here are some alternative names that celebrate great Australian women:

Sports Groupies Who Know How to Keep Their Damn Mouths Shut Stadium (co-funded by the NRL integrity unit)

Lynne Postlethwaite Astrodome. Named after this All-Australian:


Dorothy Dixer Tennis Centre for Easy Serves

Kath Day-Night-Mixed-Use-Sporting-Facility

Mercedes Corby-Benz Stadium (Crossover promotion)

Lay-Down Sally Robbins Centre for Sporting Excellence Or At Least Completion

Cocaine Cassie Coliseum

Judy Moran’s Ring

Penny Wong Arena (with a roof that retracts just like her statements defending traditional marriage)

Fuck Off, Ya Fat Mole Leisure Centre (Sunshine West satellite facility only)

Katherine Knight Kourt

In these times of extreme political partisanship and hysterical media bleating, perhaps there is only one woman that all Australians could agree to name the arena after. She united us once and she can do it again. She doesn’t even have a name. She’s just Window Lady:


The Not Happy Jan Arena. Sums up the world, really.


Truvada Troopers: Who is behind the push for PrEP?


A man has tested positive to HIV at a Melbourne clinic while participating in a trial of PrEP, an antiretroviral drug credited with preventing the spread of the diseaseThe Age 22/05/2017

If this man has acquired a drug-resistant strain of HIV while taking the HIV prevention drug PrEP he would be the third in the world. But just as concerning as HIV acquiring resistance to PrEP is the resistance among gay men to admit that it could. In past few days I have been attacked for even daring to suggest that PrEP is not the magic pill gay men see it as. The gay men I have talked to have been taught well by the LGBT activist community – rather than entering a debate that could challenge their views, they have universally been personally attacking the man with HIV who we know nothing about. He didn’t take the course of medication right. Was he on drugs? He’s probably taking loads from everyone. The vileness with which they attack one of their own – and anyone could well be in his position one day – is truly appalling.

One day later The Age published another article in defence of PrEP, possibly after receiving backlash from the Truvada Troopers: HIV drug PrEP praised for helping prevent other sexually transmitted diseases. This is a misleading headline. PrEP does NOT prevent other STDs, and suggesting otherwise is highly dangerous. What the headline is referring to is that men on PrEP have to get tested for STDs every three months, which is recommended for every gay man anyway, and that this may reduce infections. Its hard to fathom how getting tested after the fact reduces disease rates, especially when thanks to PrEP the rate of men having casual sex without protection is at 41 percent, the highest since 1996. PrEP does not mean you can bareback without consequences; rates of other STDs are sky-rocketing and chlamydia and gonorrhea are developing antibiotic resistant strains.

This all reminded me of the time it was suggested that I go on PrEP. I was asked about my interest in the study during a regular sexual health checkup. I find it strange that I should be asked given I would be considered a low-risk individual. They know this as they have access to my full sexual history: I use condoms, have regular trusted partners, don’t do drugs, and, like a gentleman, never go arse to mouth. I’m not perfect and mistakes do happen – the Hungarian acrobat was a particularly good mistake – but I don’t make them with such frequency that I should be taking a pill every day, a pill that can reduce bone density and cause kidney and liver problems. Do they think I am incapable of walking down the street without being penetrated? This isn’t Paris.

In the few years since PrEP became widely available in Australia the gay community has gone from shaming those who take it as ‘Truvada whores’ to shaming those who don’t. Some men will only have sex with other men on PrEP. Well, onward Christian soldier! To be clear, there are high-risk individuals who should be taking PrEP and they should never be shamed for their chosen sexual activities or for taking control of their health. But what about the rest of us who have regulation intercourse? Who is pushing for us to take this expensive and potentially dangerous medication? The pharmaceutical companies sure, but they’ve been pushing unnecessary medication ever since they made the remarkable discovery that people don’t like to feel things.

The people pushing the drug and shutting down debate about its actual effectiveness are the gay community leaders. For them PrEP is a political statement: We can have as much sex as we want and if you dare suggest there are consequences you are homophobic. There was the same attitude in San Francisco in the early 1980s. They are pushing a particular view of sex – have as much of it as possible to piss off the establishment – and anybody who questions this or the effectiveness of the PrEP that makes it possible is shunned quickly. It divides the ‘woke’ cool gays in the community hive-mind from those who dare question this gay orthodoxy and might start asking things like ‘gay rights and refugees advocacy are linked how exactly?’

There has been another disturbing theme coming from the activists, which is: If we all take PrEP we can eliminate HIV in a generation! This is based on the assumption that we all have the same sexual health needs and require the same risk management i.e. we’re all sluts. No. We’re not all empowering ourselves by getting pounded behind the bushes in Royal Park at midday while near-by sweet young conservative things are just trying to innocently do their daily run and check out what’s swinging in the short-shorts at the tennis courts. Frankly, what is homophobic is assuming that every gay’s body is pumped full of vile disease that they’re incapable of stopping from spraying over all and sundry without daily suppression drugs. The activist rallying cry should be:

No one has permission to do anything to your body without your permission; now take this bone-melting diarrhea drug so the rest of us can gangbang.

History repeats, and anyone who has studied the early AIDS epidemic will recognise the pattern of hedonism and denial we are currently experiencing in regards to PrEP and HIV resistance. Today, just like then, the gay community is attacking anyone who thinks we should change our behaviour or at least question the prevailing attitudes. A medical crisis is coming, whether it be a new strain of HIV or another drug-resistant STD. Stay safe. Use a condom. There’s salted caramel ones now.

Gay Porn is Not Empowering


Every so often I like to go to Huff Post Queer Voices to find out what the zeitgeist is, i.e. what people are getting offended about now, in the community from which I have been banished. Sad. It helps remind me why I’m a conservative, as well as gives me tips for conversing with the liberal hipsters in my neighbourhood that I try to bang. I abhor their views, but I do enjoy the primal masculinity of ejaculating upon a beard.

Today in Huff Post Queer Voices, between the queer polyamorous kink witch and the latest Clinton revival piece was this gem:

Get A Behind The Scenes: Look At The Making Of A Gay Porn

In this article the rapidly-melting ice-sculpture of a youtuber Davey Wavey says about gay porn:

“…With Trump in the White House and trans rights being rolled back, it’s become increasingly important to celebrate our queerness…the filming and distribution of gay sex is an unapologetic, empowering celebration of who we are… and right now, we need that.”

Empowering? The kink witch says the same thing about her spells. I love porn. Probably addicted to it. Porn actors should be able to work in a safe environment with access to professional support services, just like any other employee. But as it stands, porn is anything but empowering. Porn stars are exploited, beaten, raped, pimped out, pumped full of drugs, put in dangerous sexual situations and are discarded as soon as they don’t look fresh any more.

This is a list of names and ages of the gay porn actors known to have died in the past 10 years. Keep in mind these are just the well known stars who’s public profile made them worthy of being mentioned online as having died. The secrecy around porn means many are unaccounted for. Some sites I visited for research made note of there being ‘around’ a dozen gay porn performers who die each year, and this is just in the USA. Who knows how many Bel Ami boys from the former Soviet states are in the ground.

Zac Stevens (25)
Mehran “King B” Chestnut (25)
Dimitri Kane (20)
Jasper Robinson (21)
Max Schutler (35)
Alexander Gustavo (31)
Philippe Delvaux (24)
Jasper Robinson (20)
Danny Roddick (31)
Wilfried Knight (35)
Arpad Miklos (45)
Ethan Marc (34)
Evan Cobb (21)
Lindon Hawk (34)
Nelson Troy
Roman Ragazzi (36)
Damon Audigier (21)
Shane Risk (25)
Dustin Michaels (24)
Josh Weston (39)
Daxx Reed (36)
Caleb Carter (29)
Robert Elephante (35)
Linkin Curtis (24)
Eddie Black (30)
Rylan Knoxx (late 20s)
Christopher McAteer aka “Clay” (18)
Scott Sewperman (30)
Leo Cooper (27)
Rya Morrison (21)
Mateo Stanford (35)
Cole Ryder (37)
Erik Rhodes (30)
Xander Scott (30)
Boris Matheo (35)
Evan James (20)

Average age: 28

I wonder how many of these actors were in porn to celebrate their queerness. It couldn’t have been too empowering, most of them committed suicide.

So lefties, by all means keep making porn. Please keep making porn. But don’t wrap it up in your queer theory to try to hide the fact its an exploitative business driven by big profits for the porn companies. Or lie to yourselves. While you’re getting railed, spanked and gagged on camera for freedom, the right will be organising and winning government.

N.B I wonder what happened to the Shutterstock model I have at the top of the page. Does anyone know if he’s alive or maybe has a private website…?


Teaching Transition: Safe Schools Gets Worse


When I was in primary school I had to get a permission slip signed so that I could learn from a nun about the strange new places I would start growing hair. But now it seems schools in Victoria can help young children change genders without their parents even knowing, as part of the Safe Schools program.

Disturbingly, it took an American, Amanda Prestigiacomo from The Daily Wire, to bring this to public attention (where’s a Daily Tele columnist when you need one, are they all spending the day raking through the ashes of Fairfax?). While the article headline “Australian Schools Say They’ll Facilitate Gender Changes For 6-Year-Olds” is misleading, it does raise serious questions.

The part of the Guide Supporting Student Affirm Transition (GSSAF) that is causing most concern is the following:

  • Assess the support given by a student’s family members or carers, and think through the needs of any siblings, especially those attending the same school. If a student does not have family or carer support for the process, a decision to proceed should be made based on the school’s duty of care for the student’s wellbeing and their level of maturity to make decisions about their needs. It may be possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent. 

This is not about confidentiality or protecting the child from a potentially family situation. A parent would notice if a school follows the GSSAF guide and their child dresses and socialises differently, attends different classes and activities, and oh yeah, has a different name.  Plus the news of a transgender student would instantly do the rounds of the canteen mum set, and once they know, everyone will know.

So the child’s family knows, how does the school assess family support? Do they have family consultations or rely on a mopey tween complaining “my parents don’t understand me”?

Will schools provide help for parents who don’t understand transgenderism or write them of as bigots and deal only with the child? (It’s not the school’s job to educate you!) This would be a horrifying scenario as it would rob the child of potential support during such a vulnerable time.

The leftist mob is pushing the age when children can decide they are transgender younger and younger. What if a parent is fine with their child being transgender but wants to wait until they are older than 6 to start making life-changing choices? Will leftist teachers start reporting these as ‘unsafe homes’?

To be clear, the guide is not suggesting in any way that children should be given any gender changing drugs or surgery. Lord knows schools can’t even give out painkillers these days – there was a very lucrative black market trade in Panadol Menstrual at my high school. But can we trust individual radical teachers not to become empowered by this guide, now implemented in 300 schools across Victoria, and start taking matters into their own hands if they feel the child is not ‘supported’ enough and slip them some ‘special’ pills?

Transgender and gender-questioning children need family input and support for their decisions; not needed is some English Major ‘teaching while they work out what to do in life’ diagnosing and renaming other people’s children.

NB. Alarmingly, on the author list alongside the Marxist Roz Ward is Dani Wright Toussaint, the militant activist who has pushed themselves onto every LGBT group in Perth and has the whole community living in terror of their PC reign. The self-described gender-non-conforming female body person describes themself as being in a ‘same-sex, similar gender relationship’.  I’m old enough to remember when she was just a lesbian. But I suppose Tumblr makes fools of us all.


Unsafe Schools for LBGT students


So much more needs to be done to protect Australian LGBT students, especially in the age where kids are, according to the media, cutting themselves en masse just because the pretty girl on 13 Reasons Why is doing it. But vulnerable teenagers are on their own as the Left continues its in-fighting.

A group of Australian celebrities has signed a letter calling for the the Safe Schools program, intended to protect LGBT students from bullying, to be replaced by a less politicised, more-likely to be implemented anti-bullying program. The author of the letter, Ben Grubb, has been forced to apologise by the radical Left, in part because of his use of the word ‘tolerance’. The sentence that is getting particular attention:

“we do not seek a program that seeks approval of the way certain members of our society live. We seek only mutual respect and tolerance.”

Tolerance?? How dare you!! They will accept nothing less than full acceptance, worship, and grovelling at the feet of gender destruction. Only the Left would reject a program designed to protect LGBT students because it had too much input from allies, as they have done.

The Safe Schools program, as it was originally designed, is not the way to protect gay teens, and not just because in its present form it is unlikely to be taught in the states that need it most.

How can we trust an anti-bullying program written by Roz Ward, a protester-harassing, Australian flag-hating, self-described Marxist member of the Socialist Alternative? These kind of people are determined to teach the politics of intersectionality.

Intersectionality – the concept that describes the ways in which oppressed groups in society are linked, e.g. sexism is also racist, racism is also transphobic – is the hot trend of the left. While they would argue that it is necessary to stand up for all groups in society (except of course for white men) the fact is that intersectionality is used as an ideological purity test. Stand for all or stand for nothing they say, ignoring the fact that many of these groups are diametrically opposed, such as gays an Islam (especially when there is a tall building involved).

How long before Safe Schools gets intertwined with every other progressive cause, socially engineering a whole generation into thinking capitalism is sexist, or detaining refugees is homophobic? Already teachers in Victoria are wearing pro-refugee T-shirts without punishment (probably at schools in the inner-city areas where the Greens-voting parents rent second houses so that their children are registered in school catchment areas away from the public schools where refugee children actually go).

And where does the queer theory madness end? Children used to be taught the simple concepts: Heterosexual. Homosexual. Bisexual. Transgender. Once conservative people railed against these terms being used in schools, now its the left protesting because the terms are not inclusive enough because they don’t explore the so-called gender spectrum. Apparently not having a lesson plan on your specific identity erases your existence. Just witness the push by Buzzfeed and Slate to destroy the word ‘Lesbian’ because not every woman is a woman or some nonsense; I don’t know exactly what they were on about, to me Buzzfeed just sounds like wretched death screams of Beelzebub.

All these groups on the left are trying to make themselves the biggest victims, ignoring those who need help the most: teenagers coming to terms with their identities. We need to go back to the basics:

Teach teenagers not to bully, how to put a condom on a banana, give them a robotic baby for a week and send them off into the world with a bit of self-esteem.

Gay bashings still ignored in Australia

like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimson weed

At least 5 gay men were severely bashed in Perth, Western Australia, earlier this year by a man who misrepresented himself on Grindr and lured them to parks at night. I confess personal connection to this case; one of the victims is a close friend who has been deeply traumatised. Another victim has critical head injuries.

In an era where, to quote the liberal media, LGBT people are apparently “literally fighting for their lives”, one would think this would be major news. There were only two small mentions in the mainstream news: a four sentence article at the bottom of page 14 of the West Australian newspaper on March 14 and a small news segment that has been posted online:


To Channel 7’s credit, they are doing more than would be expected from the mainstream media in a conservative state. What is disappointing to me is that there is no mention of these events anywhere in the gay press. I can find no coverage on outinperth.com or starobserver.com.au. Samesame.com.au is down (oh no! how else will I find out when Mardi Gras is?), but a search of the archives reveals nothing. If someone could prove me wrong on any of this, I would be very happy.

I know for a fact these gay bashings were being discussed in person and online as they were occurring. The Perth gay community is a one degree of separation kind of place and I find it inconceivable that those running the gay media did not hear about them.

Why the silence?

Maybe it’s because cis gay men aren’t ‘intersectional’ enough to be allowed as the face of LGBT victimisation, even when being chased and stomped on.

Maybe gay men cruising for anonymous sex in parks is too old fashioned for the new ‘queer’ rendering of smiling transgender children and resistance rallies. It wouldn’t fit the narrative pushed by the sanctimonious marriage queens, either.

Maybe had this story been published early in the bashing season some men may have been saved. Instead, it fell victim to the identity politics and infighting that is tearing apart the LGBT community. In the 1980s dozens of gay men were murdered on Sydney’s Northern beaches and the media never reported it. I feel deep shame that today the silence is from our own community.

NB. In the course of my gay media research I ended up pouring through a lot of clubbing photos and I have some advice for the twinks: if you’re going to party with your jeans half down your bum, don’t wear your Kmart undies.

Bigoted Beer Boycotts and Backlashes


The do-gooders are boycotting Coopers Brewery beers in Australia after the family-owned business created a video with two Liberal MPs, one of whom is openly gay, debating marriage equality over a beer. The problem not being what was said, but the fact that marriage equality was debated at all. In this country any opinion that wavers from the marriage equality line is branded hate speech. A look at Coopers twitter feed will show this is no exaggeration. The activists had a field day, all trying to out virtue signal each other in their disposal of Coopers products. The staff at a gay bar gleefully smashed the bottles one by one. How happy they were to finally be oppressed!

Why must everything we do become political? I was talking to my most leftist acquaintance, a man who talk to for an extended period I require not just beer but hard liquor and psychotropic substances, and he mentioned he only frequents businesses that advertise in the gay papers. Not only did he want to support businesses that support the gay community (they are of course allies, not just grabbing that sweet, sweet pink dollar) but he was concerned about being discriminated against when the topic of him being gay comes up. And for him it will come up. This is a problem I’ve never faced before. I guess I’m just old fashioned in that I keep conversation with my dentist to the weather and sport, not what I stick up my bum.

Now Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is in on the controversy, telling Australian CEOs not to use their positions – and shareholder money- to push social agendas. He has a point. We are becoming like America, where minimum wage retail and hospitality workers just trying to make a living are on the front line of endless boycotts, backlashes, and political posturing.

Yesterday it was time to take a stand against this madness!
I was going to drink a cold Coopers beer and stand up to the leftist bullies!
I don’t actually like Coopers Beer, but this was for freedom!

I went down to the bottle shop in full fight mode, ready to take on anyone who told me I was a hateful bigot for buying this beer, but the store was empty and the cashier semi-conscious. I walked all the way home unchallenged, and with my empty political gesture done for the week, I had nothing else to do. So I necked the four-pack while watching The Real Housewives of Sydney, got very windy and bloated and passed out by 6 pm. I think that puts me about the level of an anti-Trump protest.



Update on 2017 Predictions

At the start of the year I posted a list of predictions for Australia in 2017. As it turns out, the world is falling apart quicker than I thought. Here’s how some of the predictions are going:

  • Australia’s position in the world:

    Despite a flurry of attention from late-night hosts doing terrible Australian accents after Trump and Turnbull’s phone call, Australia is mostly being ignored on the world stage. Things are so desperate that Turnbull invited Indonesian President Joko Widodo to Australia for the first time and the media hasn’t stopped talking about it for two weeks. Sigh, call me when Australia gets a visit from a Shinzo Abe or higher.

  • Western Australia state election:

    The Liberals might actually pull this off, thanks to an unexpected deal with One Nation. Only three days until we find out if Colin Barnett is going to be given the traditional West Australian politician send off – dropped from a plane into the Pilbara with no supplies so that he can become one with the iron ore. If he emerges from the desert triumphant he is given Western Australia’s highest honour: Mining Consultant.

  • Retail collapses:

    Already this year Australia has seen the collapse of clothing retailers Herringbone, Rhodes & Beckett, Marcs and David Lawrence. Allphones also went bye-bye, thus depriving us of the only place to buy a decent phone charger after 5 pm. Amazon is expected to launch in Australia by the end of the year, cutting a scythe through local retailers. This could be a wake-up call to the government that an environment where commercial and residential rents keep rising but wages stay the same is going to end poorly for everyone, but I don’t expect them to do much of anything…about anything.

  • Obama’s legacy:

    His web of lies and surveillance is quickly unravelling. It’s beautiful. I predict no more smarmy water skiing photos after his full corruption is exposed to the American people.

  • Has Cory Bernardi released a nude calendar to fund his new party?

    No, but a boy can dream.

  • Is Turnbull still Prime Minister?

    Let’s check on that in a few days.