Gay Porn is Not Empowering


Every so often I like to go to Huff Post Queer Voices to find out what the zeitgeist is, i.e. what people are getting offended about now, in the community from which I have been banished. Sad. It helps remind me why I’m a conservative, as well as gives me tips for conversing with the liberal hipsters in my neighbourhood that I try to bang. I abhor their views, but I do enjoy the primal masculinity of ejaculating upon a beard.

Today in Huff Post Queer Voices, between the queer polyamorous kink witch and the latest Clinton revival piece was this gem:

Get A Behind The Scenes: Look At The Making Of A Gay Porn

In this article the rapidly-melting ice-sculpture of a youtuber Davey Wavey says about gay porn:

“…With Trump in the White House and trans rights being rolled back, it’s become increasingly important to celebrate our queerness…the filming and distribution of gay sex is an unapologetic, empowering celebration of who we are… and right now, we need that.”

Empowering? The kink witch says the same thing about her spells. I love porn. Probably addicted to it. Porn actors should be able to work in a safe environment with access to professional support services, just like any other employee. But as it stands, porn is anything but empowering. Porn stars are exploited, beaten, raped, pimped out, pumped full of drugs, put in dangerous sexual situations and are discarded as soon as they don’t look fresh any more.

This is a list of names and ages of the gay porn actors known to have died in the past 10 years. Keep in mind these are just the well known stars who’s public profile made them worthy of being mentioned online as having died. The secrecy around porn means many are unaccounted for. Some sites I visited for research made note of there being ‘around’ a dozen gay porn performers who die each year, and this is just in the USA. Who knows how many Bel Ami boys from the former Soviet states are in the ground.

Zac Stevens (25)
Mehran “King B” Chestnut (25)
Dimitri Kane (20)
Jasper Robinson (21)
Max Schutler (35)
Alexander Gustavo (31)
Philippe Delvaux (24)
Jasper Robinson (20)
Danny Roddick (31)
Wilfried Knight (35)
Arpad Miklos (45)
Ethan Marc (34)
Evan Cobb (21)
Lindon Hawk (34)
Nelson Troy
Roman Ragazzi (36)
Damon Audigier (21)
Shane Risk (25)
Dustin Michaels (24)
Josh Weston (39)
Daxx Reed (36)
Caleb Carter (29)
Robert Elephante (35)
Linkin Curtis (24)
Eddie Black (30)
Rylan Knoxx (late 20s)
Christopher McAteer aka “Clay” (18)
Scott Sewperman (30)
Leo Cooper (27)
Rya Morrison (21)
Mateo Stanford (35)
Cole Ryder (37)
Erik Rhodes (30)
Xander Scott (30)
Boris Matheo (35)
Evan James (20)

Average age: 28

I wonder how many of these actors were in porn to celebrate their queerness. It couldn’t have been too empowering, most of them committed suicide.

So lefties, by all means keep making porn. Please keep making porn. But don’t wrap it up in your queer theory to try to hide the fact its an exploitative business driven by big profits for the porn companies. Or lie to yourselves. While you’re getting railed, spanked and gagged on camera for freedom, the right will be organising and winning government.

N.B I wonder what happened to the Shutterstock model I have at the top of the page. Does anyone know if he’s alive or maybe has a private website…?